MG Related Sites  he most active MG forum on the web. Actually several
forums devoted to the individual flavors of MG. I hang out there all the time.  Bob Muenchausenís place. Beautiful site that is chocked full of tips and information. Nice guy too. Sean Brownís definitive British car cylinder head site. One of the many Yahoo Groups forums. This one is very active and devotes most of itís content to MGB tech issues. Free sign-up. A slightly confusing group of sites that deal in tech talk for MGs. Difficult, for me at least , to navigate, but a good resource sometimes.  Free sign-up Home of the M.G. Drivers Club of North America. You might find some things here that be of benefit to you as an MG owner Purported to be the largest resource for MG related sites on the Web. I canít vouch for that but it does have TONS of links to interesting sites. Another British site full of links related to MGs. The most comprehensive British car links page on the web. Over 1200 links to British car parts suppliers, British car sales and service centers, British car clubs, fellow British car enthusiasts web pages and more! I canít vouch for that claim but it does have LOTS of information and links. One of Basils forum sites. This one is devoted to MG, but you can revel in all of the others by going to his root site, BCBF. Actually Bill Spohnís site is devoted to several makes of cars AND Rhododendrons! He is a very neat fellow and has first hand experience with cars ranging from MGs (all flavors) to TVRs to Lamborghini. Visit and enjoy! A non commercial site devoted to MG upgrades. High quality rubber goods for many British makes. Difficult to communicate with at times, but if you want good stuff hang in there. Darn near anything and everything that has to do with MG cars. A UK site.  A German site in English devoted to British cars Interesting site that does a lot of the browsing on eBay for you. Slightly eccentric MG site devoted to all manner of MGs. The tech page of the MG Car Club of Queensland site. In the land of Oz, naturally. A UK specialty shop dealing in cylinder head services and related parts on par with Sean Brownís work. Their deeper specialty is in alloy heads. Owen Franklin is an MG aficionado living in the UK. His tastes and experience run from the early T series cars all the way to the end of the road. Practical suggestions, parts and a generally entertaining site are at the end of this link. Paulís site is FULL of interesting and accurate information. This is a link to a source for pressure gauges for testing Laycock de Normanville Overdrive units. Series A - D - J and LH. The factory tools have been long gone so this could be an economical supplier.
Several UK MG Related Discussion Forums
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